Friday, August 31, 2012

noggi, strathfield.

It was only natural that my first post on my food blog was going to be my favourite food. I've always loved green tea ice cream and when I first found out that a new frozen yogurt bar that stocked green tea was setting up shop in Strathfield (my "hood") I knew it was going to be a friendship that would last. 

Now almost half a year later my love for Noggi has only grown stronger, to the point where I've acquired a loyalty card. If only I had grabbed one the first time I visited I would now be a VIP several times over.

Although there is Moochi parked just around the corner, Noggi is much better. The flavours are fuller, the customer service is better and it keeps you wanting more - something Moochi lacks.

So how does it work?
  • You pick a size you would like.
  • Pick the flavour frozen yogurt you want: green tea, pomegranate, biscotti, original.
  • Pick 3 toppings.
For the larger size cups you can grab two or more flavours.

I love pairing my frozen yogurt with a side of moochi (glutinous rice balls), strawberries, mangoes or blueberries. While my partner enjoys having the pomegranate and/or biscotti with moochi and a variety of toppings like Tim Tams.

How much is it?
You can choose to have your frozen yogurt with or without toppings, but the general consensus is to have them with. The price difference between toppings and no toppings is $1.50.
I usually choose between a regular ($5.70) or a maxi ($6.80).

Find them:
Noggi have a few franchises, the main one I go to being in Strathfield. They have one in Macquarie shopping centre and a new one opening up in the City.
Find the Strathfield one at: 2/2 Albert Rd, Strathfield - directly across from the exit of the station.

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  1. where is the city one opening at?

    1. Hi,

      At the moment I'm not entirely sure - will let you know what I find out!

  2. Hi Margaret,

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  3. Hey, just passing by and read your blog!
    Just a future tip, it's not moochi, it's mochi***
    Moochi is the name of the shop as you mentioned and mochi is the japanese rice cakes!


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