Friday, April 5, 2013

tropicana, melbourne.

With bags of oranges hanging around the entrance, it's easy to dismiss Tropicana. I stumbled across this place while I was in Melbourne with my best friend. We were both starving and this cafe was a few blocks from where we were staying so we decided to give it a chance.

As you enter there are posters of this gorgeous fuchsia juice claiming to be the best juice in the world, money back guaranteed. Now, whenever I see these outrageous claims I scoff and walk away but with the money back guarantee there was nothing to lose. But take my word for it, this is the best juice I've ever had. The only problem is that there isn't enough of it in one serving.

I had the chicken, avocado and tomato sandwich + juice meal which was $11.70 while my boyfriend had waffles + juice which was $12. The food was okay, it was much better the last time I ate there but I still highly recommend going there to try the South American Juice.

Find them:
213 Elizabeth St, Melbourne, VIC

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  1. Yum, are there dairy-free options there?

    1. Yup! They also do fresh juices, like the one I had :)


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