Friday, September 21, 2012

kuleto's cocktail bar, newtown.

Monday this week was my 21st birthday and to celebrate my boyfriend and I headed out to my favourite cocktail bar in Sydney, Kuleto's in Newtown, and celebrated with a cocktail (or 10...).

What I love about this cocktail bar is:
  • a) they make the best cocktails in town - I've tried MANY places and this place makes the best
  • b) they have happy hour EVERY DAY where there are two of the same cocktails for the price of one (most of them are only $15)
My boyfriend and I tried at least a third of the cocktails on the list on Monday (maybe we'll try the rest for his birthday in a few weeks time...). Below are snaps of every cocktail we tried and little blurb on them.

Find them:
They're open Monday-Saturday with happy hours being 6-7:30pm Monday-Friday and 6-7pm on Saturdays. Find Kuleto's at: 157 King St, Newtown.

Round 1: Margarita
This was the best margarita I've ever had. I've had some before where the tequila over powers or the lime does, this one had the perfect balance of both!
Round 2: Lotus Chill
I fell in love with this lychee cranberry based cocktail when I first went to Kuleto's. It has my two favourite ingredients in it, how can I NOT like it?!
Round 3: Mango Daiquiri
I love strawberry daiquiri's but unfortunately Kuleto's no longer provide those due the sheer amount of fresh strawberries required to make them, so I settled with a mango. It was more a smoothie than anything else and the mango wasn't very strong - this was one of my least favourite of the night.
Round 4: Hawaiian Splice
My boyfriend and I tried this the last time we were at Kuleto's (I'm frequently there...). It was a random choice, which always seems to turn out right - and this was not an exception. I'm not a huge fan of milky based cocktails, they just never sit right in my stomach but this milky midori mix was divine!
Round 5: Devil In Disguise
This one was an okay cocktail. It was more like a strawberry dipped in chocolate smoothie more than a cocktail, but if you like that then this is perfect.
Round 6: Martini
My boyfriend and I have never had a martini. I knew a martini is just vodka (or gin - this one is a vodka one, I don't like gin) mixed with vermouth and ice. My boyfriend on the other hand had no idea and was shocked at the strength of the vodka. Let's just say I don't like tasting my vodka and if you're like me then this is NOT the cocktail for you.
Round 7: Legless
This is a peach based cocktail and to be honest I don't remember this one much at all. I remember it was quite sweet but I mainly used it as a washer after the martini...and yes, the martini did make me a little (read: very) tipsy. 
Round 8: Toffee Apple
I did NOT like this cocktail at all. I didn't even finish it. Now it's not because it taste bad, it's just that the butterscotch did not go down well and after all those previous drinks it just sat badly in my stomach. I will definitely go back and try this on an empty stomach!
Round 9: Toblerone
This was my favourite cocktail of the evening. My friend recommended it to me the first time I went but I never tried it because I don't like milk based cocktails. This was like a Toblerone chocolate smoothie but BETTER. I loved it so much I had another one.... (pictured below)
Round 10: Margarita & Lotus Chill
After trying 9 different cocktails we resorted back to our favourites of the evening as a recap. My boyfriend got himself a margarita while I got myself a lotus chill and...
Round 11: Toberlone
And my final drink of the evening was my new found favourite :)
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