Friday, November 2, 2012

blackbird cafe, cockle bay wharf.

Recently I went to the Blackbird Cafe in Cockle Bay with my cousin and co-worker to grab a bite of lunch to chat over my cousin's impending wedding. It was a hot Saturday afternoon so we knocked back a few soft drinks and had a light nibble. We ordered a Mediterranean salad with chicken and a supreme pizza to share - mightn't sound like a lot for three people, but we were left very satisfied.

The salad was absolutely amazing. The chicken cost a little extra, but was absolutely worth it! It was refreshing on a hot day and just the thought of it now is making me salivate! The pizza was just as amazing as the salad, and lucky for me their supreme don't include cooked pineapples - I just don't like them cooked on in warm food, yeah, I'm a little weird like that...

Find them:
Balcony level, Cockle Bay Wharf - conveniently above Lindt Cafe (read my review on Lindt Cafe here)

Mediterranean Salad with Chicken, $21.90

Supreme Pizza, $24.90
Blackbird Cafe on Urbanspoon 
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  1. that salad does look pretty good and a decent size.


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