Friday, November 23, 2012

pablo & rusty's, epping.

I love meeting up with friends in their "hometown" (read: their suburb) because I get to be taken to new places I would never have been to on my own, it's local knowledge that you need a guide for!

So when I first met up with my friend in her hometown of Epping (the Ping!) she took me to Pablo & Rusty's right next to the train station. I absolutely loved it the first time so decided that we'd meet there again!

It's a cute little cafe that serves amazing coffee and even better food! The ingredients are all organic, natural and healthy which just makes it that much better! Another plus is that the food and coffee isn't overly expensive! My meal (toastie and coffee) only cost me $10!

Find them:
I went to the one in Epping: 42 Langston Place, but they have several locations!
Lane Cove: The Plaza, 13 Burns Bay Rd
Gordon: 1 St Johns Ave
Sydney Olympic Park: Jacaranda Square, Cnr Dawn Fraser Ave & Park St

They also have a HQ which JUST serves coffee and can be found at: 19 Porter St, Ryde.

 Bacon & Free Range Egg Roll with Tomato Relish, $7.50
Image courtesy of @lpmmags Instagram
 Mango Nectar Chia Pudding, $6.50
Kurobuta Ham & Madden Cheese Toastie, $6.50
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